Emma Jalouga

President & Founder of Organize2Minimize, Inc.

The gift of organization does not fall to everyone. Most find their attempts to organize challenging at best but everyone deserves to experience an organized and clutter-free life.  While many find organizing to be a stressful endeavor,  Emma has always taken comfort and enjoyment in reducing clutter and making homes beautiful yet functional. Emma took a leap of faith in 1996 and moved to Florida from the U.K. at the age of 21 to pursue in the American dream. Coming from a strict English household Emma's family motto was "There is a place for everything and everything has its place." This philosophy remains with her today through Organize2Minimize.  She has spent countless hours helping friends and employers achieve organization and now she is bringing her gift to others. The company started with organizing as the main goal until a senior asked for Emma’s help in downsizing and relocating into one of the facilities nearby.  Emma loves seniors and enjoys the process of helping them through this stressful, emotional time.. and O2M SENIORS was born. With no real advertising, Emma has built the business on referrals, with a hand-picked caring and compassionate team. O2M SENIORS has a great reputation with staff and facilities in the Tri-County area.

Marisa Barreto

Operations Director/Office Manager

Jeanette Brender

Senior Move Manager/Professional Organizer

Alexis Rudolph

Senior Move Manager/Professional Organizer

Alejandra D'orazio

Senior Move Manager/Professional Organizer

Robyn Gagliotti

Senior Move Manager/Professional Organizer

Laura Webber

Consultant/Senior Move Manager/Professional Organizer

Kim Wagner

Senior Move Coordinator

Natalie Lenzen

Senior Move Manager/Professional Organizer

Carol Williams

Senior Move Manger/Professional Organizer

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