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What our customers are saying

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  Annair C.

This company knows their stuff. Not only did we organize and replace closets, they helped me with a larger interior project involving new floors, new kitchen and purchasing furniture. I really don’t know what I would have done without them. Friendly with great attitudes and humor. Sparkling appearance. Highly recommended.

   Jessica C.

Emma and her team at Organize2minimize are amazing! I cannot imagine doing this project on my own. The girls came in calm, cool and collected and efficiently got to work. Within hours everything was completed, cleaned and organized. Their service is above and beyond what I expected. I have told many people about this business and will continue to spread the work.

   Chris J.

I am blown away by Emma and her team. My aunt passed away in Pembroke Pines and I live in Michigan. Emma was referred by a local real estate broker as someone that could be my project manager for all my needs. I had a house to clean out and several house repairs to make before listing my aunt's home for sale.
I could not have asked for a better person to come in contact with. After giving Emma my vision for what I wanted and some general thoughts on strategy, Emma came up with a detailed process of how to handle the situation and a budget to achieve my goals that was beyond reasonable for the work being completed. Emma completed all of the work within her goal timeframes and within budget.
Most importantly, I had to trust Emma with my aunt's personal things. She located and delivered everything in better condition and with more care than I could have done on my own.
In my time of need, during a hard time for my family, Emma was my savior. I highly recommend her team for any project management/ organizing needs.

   Steve K.

Organize2minimize to the rescue. They were efficient and pleasant to work with. They had endless energy to sort, pack, move, remove items for donation and discard the remaining items. They did it all and most if not all of our stress and concern disappeared. Emma, Jeanette and Debbie are angels.

  Annair Hazlewood

"If you have ever felt completely overwhelmed by the accumulation of clutter in your surroundings, it is time to call Emma. I procrastinated thinking I could do the organization "when I had a minute". Well, the minute never arrived, but when Emma did I felt such relief and feeling of well being, and so much more in control. As well as a wonderful organizing ability, she is one of the most pleasant personalities.....and she seems to get things done with no fuss...amazing."

I did not know how far Emma’s talents extended when we started work on the relatively straightforward task of organizing my closet and working areas. This lady is a marvel at coordinating projects and has strong leadership and coordination skills working with salespeople and construction workers.

Having decided that an organized closet was only the beginning of my personal improvement program , I proceeded to a closet system , removing carpet in the bedroom areas to be replaced with lovely wooden floors and repainting the entire apartment. Now I was in a happy new look, long overdue. Emma was right at the helm.

So satisfied was I with that improvement, I am now installing wood floors in the living area and rethinking the kitchen cabinets left over from the 70’s into a functional space more conducive to my love of cooking.

The sweetest words were Emma saying “when you get back from holiday, it will all be done.” And it was.

   Lester Laverick

Being the owner of 3 successful businesses I have very little time to organize myself and my surroundings. Making a choice to purchase a new home was easy, but what I was not looking forward to was the upheaval. Thanks to Organize2Minimize the job was done for me, professionally, with no confusion or fuss. Working alongside the moving company everything was in its place and perfectly organized for me, just to move in. Again, thank you so much Emma & Cher.

   Tony Lord

I just wanted to take the time out of my busy day to personally thank you for helping me get my life in order. Your practical yet gentle approach helped me to get my mind prepared for letting stuff go, even before we started the job of clearing and organizing.

As an owner of a new restaurant and a single father of a 7yr old girl, there never seems to be enough time in the day to complete all of the things on my to do list. I knew that part of the reason i felt this way, was because of the clutter and poor filing system i had, both personally and professionally.

Thank you so much for giving me a few tips on how to prepare before you came to do the job. Once you were here and we prepared our strategy, removing things, creating an efficient filing system, where everything was labeled and easily identifiable ... I knew had I had hired the right person for the job ! Now I know where everything is, and I can get to it easily!!

As the clutter in my home is gone, so is the clutter in my mind ... and now when i come home ... it seems peaceful and my home has become sanctuary. Now, I can actually spend my precious energy on life's little enjoyments and spend more quality time with my daughter ... instead of a perpetual to-do list in my mind that drove me nuts. Why didn't I do this years ago? Thank you Emma! You are awesome. I will definitely hire you again.


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